Workers' Compensation

What is Covered

Liability under the Workers Compensation Act (WCA 2000) in respect to;

  • Accidental death
  • Bodily injury
  • Illness or disease

This relates to employees who have been declared to insurance company and arising in the course of employment.

Group Personal Accident

The scope of Worker's Compensation can be widened to cover employees beyond the course of normal working hours.

Employees will be covered 24 hours a day (i.e. even after working hours and also during Sundays and public holidays). Furthermore, this cover is applicable worldwide and not restricted to Uganda.

It does not cover occupational diseases.


Insured EventCompensation
(i) Death:60 months earnings as per WCA 2000
(ii) Permanent Total Disablement60 months earnings as per WCA 2000
(iii) Permanent Partial DisablementAs per percentage set out by the WCA 2000 of 60 months earnings
(iv) Temporary Total DisablementActual weekly earnings, up to 96 months
(v) Temporary Partial Disablement50% of actual weekly earnings, up to 96 months
(The benefits under items (iv) and (v) taken together, will in no case exceed a period of 96 months.)
(vi) Medical Reimbursement LimitUGX 1,000,000 /= per person per accident including hospitalization
(vii) Funeral Expenses LimitUGX 1,000,000 /=
Territorial Limits: Republic of Uganda

Claims Process

You will require the following to get your claim processed;

Documents you'll need
  1. Pay slips for the month prior to and after the accident
  2. LD form 31,35,& 87 and LD form 78 for death claims only
  3. Claim form duly filled and signed
  4. Supervisors report
  5. Original medical receipts with Doctor’s report.