Fire / Special Perils

Items Covered

This policy provides cover for;

  • building,
  • plant & machinery,
  • tools,
  • furniture,
  • fixtures,
  • fittings,
  • stock

Also, any other contents including goods held in trust for which the insured has an insurable interest or for which the insured has accepted responsibility under contract or otherwise.

Perils Covered

The policy covers physical loss or damage caused by:

  • fire,
  • lightning,
  • explosion,
  • earthquake,
  • volcanic eruption,
  • flood,
  • storm,
  • cyclone,
  • hail,
  • tornado,
  • hurricane,
  • riot-strike,
  • aircraft,
  • aerial devices,
  • articles dropped from the air,
  • impact by animals,
  • trees,
  • vehicles, excluding damage to such vehicles.

Fire (Loss of Profit) Policy

This policy provides cover against reduction in gross profit (Net profit & standing charges) due to reduction in turnover or increase in cost of working to maintain turnover in consequence of damage occurring during the period of insurance at the premises in respect of which payment has been made or liability admitted under Fire & Special Perils policy mentioned above.

The amount payable is the sum produced by applying the rate of Gross Profit to amount by which the turnover during the indemnity period shall in consequence of the damage fall short of standard turnover.

Claims Process

You will require the following to get your claim processed;

Documents you'll need
  1. Claim form duly filled and signed
  2. Manager's statement
  3. Supporting Invoices for repairs/replacement
  4. Fire Brigade report
  5. Police report
  6. Steps taken to prevent such loss in future.