All Risks

Our all risks insurance product offers the widest form of coverage available.

It covers accidental loss, damage or destruction resulting from any cause including fire.

Items Covered

This policy provides cover for valuables and portable items like;

  • laptops,
  • cameras,
  • LCD Projectors,
  • generators

and such others.

Perils Covered

The Policy covers physical loss or damage caused by;

  • fires,
  • lightning,
  • explosions,
  • floods,
  • storms,
  • cyclones, 
  • earthquakes
  • theft by forcible entry
  • riots, and
  • strikes

* It is a requirement for this cover that each item insured is specifically identified and is allocated a separate sum insured.

** For items that can be identified by make, model and serial numbers, these must be given as they are important when claims occur.

In some cases, particularly where items of jewelery and works of art are concerned, we can issue 'agreed value' policies under which, in the event of total loss, the amounts set against specified items will be paid in full. Such policies are to be issued on the basis of valuations which have been prepared by professional valuers and produced when the cover is being effected. Request for such cover must be referred to the Underwriting Manager.

Claims Checklist

You will require the following to get your claim processed;

Documents you'll need
  1. Claim form duly filled and signed
  2. User's statement
  3. Purchase Invoice when the item was originally purchased
  4. Replacement Invoice
  5. Police report in case of theft