Corporate Insurance

Corporate insurance is designed for many types of businesses, large and small.


Covers loss or damage to money due to burglary, hold ups, theft by violent and forcible entry into or exit from the premises or during transit

Public Liability

This policy compensates the insured for all damages which they become liable to pay consequent upon...

  • Covers accidental loss or injury to any individual
  • Covers accidental damage to tangible property

Marine Cargo

This policy provides cover for goods and/or cargo while in transit via road, rail, sea, or air.

  • Covers loss while on transit
  • Damage may result from accidents
  • Damage may be caused during loading, transportation or unloading

All Risks

This policy provides cover for valuables and portable items like laptops, cameras, LCD Projectors, generators and such others.

  • Covers valuables like laptops and cameras
  • Covers physical damage to insured articles.
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