Claims FAQs


As soon as an accident takes place, the Broker/insurance company should be notified over phone/e mail. This should be followed by written notification either by letter or e mail.

In case of Motor Vehicle accidents, the driver or insured's employee who is in the vehicle at the time of accident should be requested to note the details of location, cause of accident where possible.

If a third party is involved, please do not admit liability but collect details of the third party and their insurers.

Please remove the vehicle to a safe place where it cannot be vandalized.

Thereafter 2 or 3 repair estimates are to be sent where the insured is not taking to their preferred Garage. Once the repair estimates are received, the Broker/insurance company will decide about the inspection either by their In-house officials or engage an independent Professional Loss Adjustor.

For non Motor claims, we will advise you the documents required. On receipt of important documents such as claim form and repair estimates, we will arrange either to depute a Surveyor to assess the loss or grant permission to proceed with repairs.

Contact Point to file a claim

Ms Harriet Katusiime/Mr. K.Balasundar

Ms Harriet Phone (+256) 414 232893/94

E mail address

K.Balasundar Phone (+256) 414 232893/94, (+256) 752 732895

E mail address